treasurer's report
Texas Association of Deans of Liberal Arts and Sciences





April 5, 2006


Name and Objects

Sec. 1.      The name of this organization shall be the Texas Association of Deans of Liberal Arts and Sciences (TADLAS)

Sec. 2.      The object of the Texas Association of Deans of Liberal Arts and Sciences is to promote all aspects of Higher
                Education in the Arts and Sciences.

Sec. 3.      The objects of the TADLAS may be furthered by affiliation with other organizations, subject to the requirements of
                the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws.


Members and Affiliates

Sec. 1.      Membership in the Association shall be open to institutions of Higher Education as recognized by the Texas Higher
                Education Coordinating Board and located in the State of Texas (MEMBER INSTITUTIONS).

Sec. 2.      All Deans, Associate Deans and Assistant Deans of Schools or Colleges having responsibility for Departments of
                Liberal Arts and/or Sciences who are employed at any MEMBER INSTITUTION are considered MEMBERS and have
                full voting rights in the Annual Business Meeting and may hold elective office in the Association.


Organization and Administration

Sec. 1.      The fiscal year shall be January 1 through December 31.

Sec. 2.      Officers:
                The officers of the Association shall be a President, a President-Elect, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The President-
                Elect shall automatically succeed to the Office of the President upon the expiration of the term of office of their
                immediate predecessor.

Sec. 3.      Duties of the Officers:

                a. President
                   The duties of the President are to preside at meetings of the Executive Committee and at business meetings of
                   the Association; to carry out the policies of the membership and of the Executive Committee; to appoint
                   committees of the Association; and to perform such functions as are generally required of the President of similar
                   organizations and associations.

                b. President-Elect
                    In the absence or incapacity of the President, the President-Elect shall assume the duties of that office. The
                    President-Elect shall provide for an annual audit of the accounts of the Association.

                c. Secretary
                    The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep minutes of all business meetings of the Association and of the
                    Executive Committee; to conduct the business correspondence of the Association as assigned by the President
                    or by the Executive Committee; to prepare and submit an annual report of Associational activities, to inform
                    each member by regular communications, such as a Newsletter, of the business and activities of the Association;
                    and to perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President or Executive Committee or required by
                    the Bylaws of the Association.

                d. Treasurer
                    The duties of the Treasurer are to act as custodian of the funds of the Association; to collect dues; to pay the
                    bills of the Association and to maintain accurate records of receipts and disbursements. Two weeks before the
                    annual business meeting of the Association, the Treasurer shall submit to the Executive Committee a report of
                    the financial condition of the Association and a budget for the coming year, including budgets for each
                    committee, with a list of expected receipts and disbursements for each operation of the Association. The
                    Treasurer shall also prepare a second report in October, to be presented at the Fall meeting of the Executive
                    Committee. The Treasurer shall also perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President or Executive
                    Committee, or required by the Bylaws of the Association. The Treasurer shall insure that a surety bond covers all
                    officers. The statement of financial condition and the budget for the coming year as approved by the Executive
                    Committee shall be given to the members at the annual business meeting.

                e. Terms of the Officers
                    The term of office of the President and the President-Elect shall be one year. The term of office of both the
                    Secretary and the Treasurer shall be three years. Both the Secretary and the Treasurer shall be eligible for re-

Sec. 4.      Executive Committee

                a. The executive committee shall be composed of the officers as enumerated in Article III, Section 2, the
                    Immediate Past-President, and six members elected at large by the membership. (Member-at-Large)

                b. The Immediate Past-President shall provide continuity, expertise and advice to the executive committee. The
                    term of the Past-President shall be for one year immediately following the term as President.

                c. The Member-at-Large shall provide leadership, expertise and advice to the executive committee, particularly in
                    matters related to the membership. The term of the Member-at-Large shall be for three years, with two
                    Members-at-Large to be elected each year so as to stagger the terms of office. A Member-at-Large may be re-
                    elected for additional terms without restriction.

                d. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for conducting the business of the Association between one
                    annual business meeting and the next, but authority of the Association is vested in its membership. The
                    Executive Committee shall periodically review the Bylaws and recommend Bylaws changes to the membership at
                    the Annual Business Meeting. The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice each calendar year.

                e. At least one of these meetings shall be held within one week of the annual business meeting. At least a majority
                    of the members of the Committee must be present and voting to constitute a quorum. A majority of the
                    Executive Committee must vote affirmatively to act.



Sec. 1.      All chairs of standing committees (those provided by the Bylaws) shall be appointed by the President of the

Sec. 2.      Before the annual business meeting each year, the President of the Association shall appoint a Nominating
                Committee of at least three members. The duties of the Nominating Committee are described in Article V.

Sec. 3.      The Recruitment Committee shall be responsible for recruiting additional qualified members for the Association.

Sec. 4.      The President may, with the advice and approval of the Executive Committee, appoint from time to time special
                committees of the Association to consider, conduct, and report upon such matters as may be delegated to them.



Sec. 1.      The Nominating Committee shall nominate an eligible MEMBER or MEMBERS of the Association for each of the
                positions of President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-At-Large of the Executive Committee in concert
                with each designated term. The Nominating Committee shall ascertain that all of the duly nominated candidates are
                eligible to hold office and will serve if elected. The Committee shall report its selections to the President and
                Secretary of the Association before the Annual meeting.

Sec. 2.      At any time before voting for officers at the Annual Business Meeting, additional candidates may be nominated by
                written petition signed by at least ten Association MEMBERS and transmitted to the Secretary of the Association. A
                statement by each nominee agreeing to serve if elected must accompany every petition. The Secretary shall
                determine the eligibility of said nominees and petitioners.

Sec. 3.      At the Annual Business Meeting of the Association, the President shall announce the names of all nominees for
                election by the Association and shall conduct an election of officers.

Sec. 4.      The newly elected persons shall take office immediately following the election. They shall hold office for the terms
                stated in Article III, or until their successors qualify.

Sec. 5.      Any vacancies in Association offices due to resignation or inability to serve and otherwise provided for shall be filled
                by appointment by the President with the concurrence of a majority of the Executive Committee. Such
                appointments shall be in effect until the next official election. In the event that the offices of Secretary and
                Treasurer would be running for election concurrently, the appointment may be for two years. Appointed periods
                are not defined as a term and the appointees are eligible for the full terms.



Sec. 1.      There shall be at least one meeting of the Association per year, one of which will be designated as the Annual
                Meeting. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the organization and content of the programs at the

Sec. 2.      The Annual Business Meeting of the Association shall be held at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

Sec. 3.      Ten members of the Association, exclusive of officers, shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business at the
                Annual Business Meeting.

Sec. 4.      The Executive Committee may call special meetings of the Association, provided notice is given at least one month
                in advance.

Sec. 5.      The Executive Committee shall decide the fee for registration at any meeting.


Amendment of Bylaws

Sec. 1.      Any group of ten or more MEMBERS of the Association may propose an amendment to these Bylaws by submitting
                it in writing to the Secretary of the Association. The Secretary shall then send a copy of the proposed amendment
                to the members of the Association in the next regular communication to them. The proposed amendment may be
                discussed and amended at the annual business meeting. If it is then approved by a two-thirds majority of the
                members voting at the business meeting it shall become effective immediately following the close of the Annual



Sec. 1.      Upon the dissolution of the Association, any assets of the Association remaining thereafter shall be conveyed to
                such organization then existent as is dedicated to objects similar to those of the Association.


                                                        Kenneth Hendrickson, President

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